Introducing The Embarking Group Introducing The Embarking Group

Introducing The Embarking Group

By The Embarking Group

Introducing The Embarking Group Introducing The Embarking Group
It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce The Embarking Group: the coming together of talent and ambition with a united goal, to create and grow the brands of tomorrow.

We do this for our clients through our award-winning agency division including a branding agency, a marketing agency and a design and technology agency. Our particular specialism is within ecommerce where we have total oversight and influence on the entire customer journey.

We also have our venture division where we build and invest in new brands.

This hybrid service and startup builder business model gives each of the independent businesses within the group a compounding and unique competitive advantage.

From an agency perspective, we understand our clients better than any other could. We know exactly their position, their challenges and share their passion for building brands. From a venture perspective we have a vast breadth of talent under one roof that can’t be replicated within a typical startup.

It’s this breadth of talent that makes us incredibly agile, quick to adapt and gives our team a deep understanding of all aspects of business, from finance, to branding, to data analysis, to modern marketing, to product development, logistics and technology.

Combined with our flexible approach to inter-company collaboration, ideas spark and conversations occur that simply don’t exist elsewhere. This is something that we intend to take advantage of for our clients and our ventures alike.

As we look to the future we will be continuing to grow our existing agencies and making a couple of additions, as well as launching four to five new venture businesses each year, many of which will be led by talented team members that cut their teeth within the agency division.

We’re proud to base our operations in the beautiful and charming city of York.

We’d love to hear from anyone looking for support in building and growing their business, people looking for a new and exciting career and those with ideas of ecommerce businesses that think they can benefit from the talent and capital we can provide at The Embarking Group.


Ryan Atkins
Group CEO