Choir of Vision joins The Embarking Group Choir of Vision joins The Embarking Group

Choir of Vision joins The Embarking Group

By The Embarking Group

Choir of Vision joins The Embarking Group Choir of Vision joins The Embarking Group

From 1st December 2018, Choir of Vision will join The Embarking Group to add branding and creative strategy to our roster of services and talent for the group to tap into. 

The team will join The Embarking Group at our Barleycorn Yard office as a dedicated branding team with a view to expand the team in early 2019 with major new client wins already secured.

About Choir of Vision

Choir of Vision, first started 10 years ago, has been working with high profile clients including Michelin starred restaurant The Man Behind The Curtain and northern success story, Brass Castle Brewery. Originally set-up by Creative Director Jack Casling who will continue to lead the business as we grow. 

Jack, founder of Choir of Vision said,

After hearing The Embarking Group’s proposition, and having already been aware of the great work they do; the merger was a no-brainer.

Their skill set is balanced, impressive and extremely assertive - which as a creative director, gives me huge confidence that the fundamentals of the company can be managed and give me the space to improve our service.

I’m staggered at the instant impact this partnership has had, and look forward to what is shaping up to be a very bright future.

What does this mean for the group?

We have more oversight and influence on the customer journey

We often find that conversations about how a brand should approach a new challenge, be that a marketing campaign or how the packaging of the products should look occurred regularly within the office. Sometimes we wanted to revamp the whole brand, sometimes we wanted to bring clarity to how we communicate a brands tone. By bringing the talent and skills of Choir of Vision within the group we can tap into that insight and strategical thinking effortlessly.

We have more fertile ground for our new ventures

As we look to create many new brands each year for ourselves, having a fully fledged branding team in the office gives us a distinct competitive advantage in speed and depth of insight.

Ryan, CEO at The Embarking Group said,

It's a very exciting time for the group. The addition of Choir of Vision is a big step that we've wanted to make for a while. The ability to give our clients and ventures edge, impact and the most solid foundations for a successful future has already added tremendous value to our mission.